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MIT 01 - Move IT Functional Training Workshop


Welcome to Move IT! This is the Online Resource Section for the Move IT Functional Training Workshop. In this section you can download the training manual, workouts, programmes and exercises.

Whats is it?

The Move It Functional Training Workshop introduces trainers to the Move It Functional Training Zone designed by Escape Fitness. This is an intense day of training and education packed full of great exercises and fantastic functional training tools!

What will this workshop do for you?

Allow you to learn what Moving It is all about! It will give you an understanding behind the equipment and the zones, the key principles and an introductory list of exercises. It will also give you group class options, group PT options, PT options and member use options for the Move It Zones.

Course Outline

  • Introduce the zones and what they are designed for.
  • Identify the key principles of each zone.
  • Teach and practice a set list of exercises within each zone.
  • Deliver a circuit for Group Training
  • Deliver a circuit for small group PT training
  • Deliver a circuit for PT

What training will you be doing when you get the Move IT Experience?

  • Speed Training with speed resistors, ladders and hurdles
  • Kettlebell training
  • Powerbag training
  • Vipr training
  • Boxing work with pads and bags
  • Medicine Balls
  • Reebok Core Board and BOSU
  • Foam Rollers

The Move IT Functional Training Workshop is also an In-House training program available to gym’s, health clubs and leisure centres looking to enhance their PT product. Move IT will give you the perfect introduction to functional training and help your training team deliver exciting group and PT sessions.


This course costs £129.99

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